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For almost 20 years Singularity Computers have been working on perfecting water-cooling. All our experience and ideas are collectively in our designs and our focus has been particularly on cases. We set out to create the perfect case for high-end water-cooling. With our hands on approach, constant testing, and product development we are always advancing.


Our vast experience building high end water-cooled systems lead us to the unique idea behind our cases which is integration. There are two aspects to our integration, the water-cooling system via a distribution plate and the electronics via the PowerBoard.

Distribution Plate

We have integrated the water-cooling system into the rear wall of the case using a large distribution plate. With the reservoir, pump top and parts of the loop already integrated these parts do not have to be installed which decreases the complexity of building a water-cooled system.

Spectre versions

 Spectre 3.0 IntegraSpectre 3.0 Integra Proxima Limited EditionSpectre 3.0 EnterpriseSpectre Integra-MSpectre Integra-M DarkSpectre Integra-MA
Distribution Platesx1Up to x3x2x1x1No
Distribution Plate Layersx2x4x2x2x4NA
Motherboard Form FactorUp to E-ATXUp to E-ATXUp to EEB & CEBUp to ATXUp to ATXUp to ATX
IO Slots888777
Radiators2x 360mm 2x 360mm5x 360mm or 2x 360mm + MO-RA3602x 360mm2x 360mm2x 360mm
Radiator Thickness60mm60mm2x 60mm. 3x Unlimited.40mm40mm40mm
Pump/sD5D52x D5D5D5None
Case Dimensions545mm x 595mm x 254mm581mm x 631mm x 254mm545mm x 595mm x 254mm486mm x 528mm x 245mm486mm x 528mm x 245mm486mm x 528mm x 245mm
1920x480 60Hz ScreenNoYesYesNoNoNo
Limited EditionNoYesNoNoNoNo
Individually NumberedNoYesNoNoYesNo



    Spectre 3.0 Integra Proxima Limited Edition

    The limited-edition versions of Spectre allow us to increase the rate of development. Each limited-edition Spectre version introduces our latest new technologies. It is an opportunity for us to not hold back and do something more creative, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Each limited edition has a theme which defines aesthetics.

    Spectre 3.0 Integra

    Spectre 3.0 Integra is the same size as the limited-edition versions and fits the same components. It is the standard version of Spectre so it has less machining and aesthetic detail compared to the limited edition versions. It has a dual layer distribution plate instead of triple layer and comes included with standard front and top panels instead of distribution plates.


      Spectre 3.0 Enterprise

      Spectre 3.0 Enterprise is designed for larger motherboards including SSI-EEB and SSI-CEB. It has two integrated D5 pump tops unlike other Spectre versions which have one. It fits up to x5 360mm radiators or x2 360mm radiators and a MO-RA360.


          Spectre Integra-M

          Spectre Integra-M is a compact ATX version of Spectre which is 25% smaller than Spectre 3.0 versions. It is limited to ATX motherboards and 40mm thick 360mm radiators. It comes in three versions. Spectre Integra-M has a PowerBoard and distribution plate.


            Spectre Integra-M Dark

            Spectre Integra-M Dark is a space and fighter aircraft themed version of Spectre Integra-M. The distribution plate is triple layered with far more detailed machining and a rear cover layer. Each case is individually numbered.

            Spectre Integra-MA

            Spectre Integra-MA which has no distribution plate but still includes a PowerBoard.


              Spectre Add-ons

              For all versions of Spectre there are multiple Add-ons available including the Spectre 3.0 Elite or Radiator Distribution Plate which fits onto the front and/or top panels and the Dual Loop Side Panel which replaces the side panel window and gives you a second completely separate water-cooling loop.

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