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For almost 20 years Singularity Computers have been working on perfecting water-cooling. All our experience and ideas are collectively in our designs and our focus has been particularly on cases. We set out to create the perfect case for high-end water-cooling. With our hands on approach, constant testing, and product development we are always advancing.

Stream-S ITX Case

Stream-S is an ITX SFF case designed for high end water-cooling. It fits 2x 240mm radiators, an SFX-L PSU, 2x 2.5” drives and large water-cooled GPUs.

Water-cooling Integration

Stream-S has a distribution plate on the front panel with an integrated reservoir and DDC pump top. One 240mm radiator can be mounted to the top panel and one next to the motherboard.


    PowerBoard Integration

    Stream-S is the first case which has no wires for the core component cables. The PowerBoard distributes power to the components and is directly connected to the PSU. Flexible PCBs are included with the case to connect from the PowerBoard to the motherboard and GPU.


    The case is built from 3mm anodized aluminum CNC machined and folded panels and CNC machined cast acrylic. The construction is solid to allow for the extra weight of a high-end water-cooled system.

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