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Our Patrons have funded a massive upgrade to all of our camera equipment. We have been saving up and slowly improving our setup. Finally the new setup is complete. The camera slide was an incredible gift from an unnamed fan. This is our our new setup:

The next improvement for the channel will be a test bed. I have not spent a cent on hardware for myself for 4 years other than the NAS system I recently built. This is because I have put everything into the channel. I really want to get back to doing hardware reviews but I cannot do most reviews without the ability to properly test the components. Otherwise I just wont do the review because if it doesnt include proper testing then its not even a review. So I am now saving up for a test bed. Also I badly need some more HDDs for storing my videos.



  1. Awesome piece of kit. Deserve it. Just wish somehow we can get your YouTube channel out there. You deserve many more Subscribers.

  2. Your posts definitely deserve a solid one up from a fan! Let me know where to send you some 3TB or 6TB HDD’s…you deserve a little payback for your work!!! Cheers from Florida.


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