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I am lost for words to see the support for the channel. What this means is that I can now put plans into action which will achieve dreams I have had for the channel since the beginning. It is amazing to now have the channel backed by our fans. I feel like it belongs to all of you, it always has. The first thing I did today when I saw how many people are becoming a part of the channel was to invite a new member onto the SC team. This is so that we can create more videos, increase video quality and improve the website. I am also now able to purchase the equipment needed to take our video quality to the next level. I know that this is way ahead of what I set in our Patreon goals but this is the way I always do things. Thank you so much to all of you, I am so glad that we can remain focused on information sharing and achieve the goals I set for the channel in the beginning. You guys are awesome!

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