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Spoiler Alert:
This is a new segment called Weekly Behind The Scenes Update. Every week we are going to film short clips of some of our major acheivements and put them together at the end of the week for the channel.
Our content is uniquely difficult and time consuming to create. There are hundreds of hours of work involved in each of our systems. It is just not always possible to make a 30 minute video every week showing hundreds of hours of progress on an extreme build. I am ending up with less and less time as I work 16hrs a day with my incredible team to secure the future of SC and to survive. We are doing everything we can to bring you more content and to improve. I thank our incredible Patrons who have made it possible for us to improve our camera equipment and our video quality. It is our Patrons and our customers who make all of this possible. My team and I will always do everything we can to create the best possible content, we are putting in 110%. The real difference can only be made by you because we are already doing everything we can and we always have been. Subscribing and liking the videos will make a big difference so please if you like what we do then take the time.


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