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Singularity Computers Wraith 2.0 is a compact case still capable of housing a high-end liquid cooled system. Over the past 2 years since Wraith was launched, we have been developing Wraith 2.0 with the features customers have been requesting and a complete design update to all parts of the case. It now has 3 expansion slots, more space for SFX-L PSUs, a PCIE 4.0 Vertical GPU Riser, increased ventilation on all outer panels and many design tweaks to improve performance and component compatibility.
The case aesthetics have been updated with an all-new Distribution Plate design which includes a new reservoir design for improved filling and bleeding of the loop. All metal components have been redesigned. Wraith 2.0 has two PSU locations, the one on the rear panel is for a future Wraith 2.0 version and addon which is coming for the case, but cannot be used with the distribution plate.

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