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I love variety, its the best part of what I do. I’m all for having a signature but I have a different take on this. My signature is my design optimization and my quality. Even though we have built a heavily themed case I have improved the design. This case now fits dual 360mm radiators where before it could only fit a 240mm radiator. It now has an incredibly durable 2K paint job with high end DNA paints and a matte clear. It has vastly improved thermals. Improved overall strength. It will have a tempered glass window. Usually mods take from the quality and destroy that factory look. My signature is to make mods look factory when it comes to design and quality.
The name of the mod is Bastard Bird. Painted on the side is an Australian Jabiru, its a very Australian name. The client wanted an Aussie take on a WW2 aircraft essentially.

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  1. I think you need a scantily clad lady riding the Australian Jabiru to give it that real B-17 or B-29 nose artwork from WWII, ha ha ha. Really like the olive drab matte paint job as well and look forward to seeing more.


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