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For almost 20 years Singularity Computers have been working on perfecting water-cooling. All our experience and ideas are collectively in our designs and our focus has been particularly on cases. We set out to create the perfect case for high-end water-cooling. With our hands on approach, constant testing, and product development we are always advancing.


Singularity Computers began with custom system building and case modding. We are some of the most experienced case modders in the world having completed thousands of extreme modifications in the past 20 years.



    It was customization which led to us designing our products. We take pride in our ability to put many small design details together to create a theme. We work with our customers to create their dreams by adding the personalized details they require.


    Computer modding requires a unique skillset, it combines many areas of expertise including graphic design, CAD, custom painting and more. It also requires a detailed knowledge of computers, the components, and the theme which the customer would like.


    We have always maintained quality as our highest priority. We use the most high-end materials available. Painting, for example is an art which has taken us many years to perfect, it requires careful surface preparation, perfect air to paint mixture and air pressure and many more details to create a good result.

    Custom paint

    We use high end automotive paints and can do any color or special effect. Request any color or effect including Pearl, Color Shift Pearl, Candy, Metallic and Chrome. We can also do different finishes, Matte, Satin, and Gloss.


      Laser Etching & UV Printing

      Laser Etching is particularly effective on acrylic because when it is edge lit it glows, we can also etch metal components. If you would prefer colored art, we can UV print photorealistic art onto any part of a case or component.

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