Introducing Protium 3.0

The SC Protium 3.0 ARGB 150 D5 Reservoir Combo achieves a whole new level of versatility and features. There are 2 outlet ports, and 5 inlet ports which are on 3 sides and the top. It can be mounted from 4 different sides with 360-degree mounting. The cap uses a retention ring design for 360-degree rotation and increased durability, and is recessed in case of overflow during filling. The combo comes with two integrated custom ARGB/DRGB PCBs. The rear part of the D5 Pump Cover is a PCB which creates a glow from the back of the Pump Cover. Also an LED ring which lights up the pump top, reservoir, and the coolant inside. The back plate is universal for mounting onto 120mm or 140mm wide radiators, fans or fan mounting positions. The pump cover is a 3-piece design for full compatibility with all D5 pumps including the Aquacomputer D5 Next. The combo comes in three different colors/materials, Clear Acrylic with Black or Silver metal and Black Acetal with Black Metal. All parts are backwards compatible with Protium 1.0 and 2.0.

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