Introducing Spectre 3.0 Enterprise

Spectre 3.0 Enterprise is designed for SSI-EEB and SSI-CEB motherboards with a specially designed Distribution Plate and PowerBoard to allow for these form factors. It can fit up to five 360mm radiators, the two internal radiators can be up to 60mm thick and the three external radiators have no thickness limitation. It can also fit a MO-RA3 120 externally. It has a Dual D5 Pump top for two D5 pumps in a single loop. The PowerBoard has been designed for high power output and has capacitors for increased power stability. The PowerBoard comes included with 24pin and EPS cables. The case is over engineered for maximum reliability. The case frame is built from CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum. The Distribution Plates are built from CNC machined cast acrylic and uses gaskets instead of O-Rings and has a close fastener spacing to handle higher pressures. The case can be used just with the internal two 360mm radiators or the radiators can be scaled up with the addition of the external radiators. It comes included with a 1920×480 60Hz IPS screen which is mounted on the side of the PSU Shroud.

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