Client Build 16 Typewriter 2014

This build involved the most case mods I have probably ever done. This was one of the few builds where the client knew exactly what they were after and was bold enough to go ahead with some extreme mods. The client request for the paint job was something which looks like real copper, so we did something very special and chromed the case then added many layers of candy and airbrushing. This build involves heavy case mods, custom paint, airbrushing, custom components and custom cables. It’s built into the Caselabs Mercury S3 and includes the Asus Maximus VII Impact, Intel Core i7 4770K and the GTX Titan. To fit the theme it also includes some interesting components such as the Western Digital Velociraptors. I had a lot of fun with this build and I am happy to say that there are many more builds where we will be taking mods even further, in the near future.

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