Client Build 20 Event Horizon 2016


The custom paint on the case is a dark blue pearl over a black metallic with a high gloss polished finish. The radiators, motherboard and reservoir mounting plate are also custom painted in a combination of black metallic and blue flake. This build has dual water-cooling loops, automated control over the water-cooling system via the Aquaero 6 and full RGB lighting from the MSI X99A Godlike and Fabwerk RGB lighting controller. It has 4x 480mm radiators, 2 D5 pumps and 20 fans. The water-cooling systems are built using EK, Bitspower and Hardwarelabs components, the coolant is Mayhems. The case is the Caselabs Magnum TH10A. It has the Intel Core i7 5960X, SLI GTX 980Ti’s and the Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M.2.  

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