PowerBoard FPC Cables Now Available

The PowerBoard Linking FPC Cable is a flexible PCB to replace standard PowerBoard Linking Cables which are made with sleeved wires. The benefit of a flexible PCB is that it can be pushed under the motherboard and completely hidden so that it looks like the system has no wires. They are extremely compact compared to cables at only 1.6mm thick. They are also far more flexible and can be wrapped around corners or pushed back out of sight.
One of our goals is to create a computer without wires. The Singularity Computers PowerBoard is an important step, but combined with the PowerBoard Linking FPC Cables our goal is very close to being achieved. The only remaining wires are on the PSU side which is only due to the lack of standardization of PSU pinouts. Also, the wires for fans, lights, pumps, and any extra drives which you connect which are not integrated onto the PowerBoard.
One of the benefits of the PowerBoard is that the cable lengths have been standardised and the cables are very short, meaning they do not require any cable management. PowerBoard Linking FPC Cables connect your motherboard and GPU to the PowerBoard.