Introducing Spectre Integra-M Dark

Spectre 3.0 Integra-M is a more compact ATX version of Spectre. It is a full re-design using everything we have learned from the development of Spectre which has continued since 2015. Integra-M is 25% smaller than Spectre 3.0 (all versions) but maintains all the features, except that it fits ATX motherboards and two 360mm radiators which are 40mm thick. Integra-M has a large part of the water-cooling loop integrated with a completely new distribution plate design.
Spectre Integra-M Dark has a space theme with aesthetics inspired by fighter jets and spacecraft. It has a 3-layer distribution plate where Spectre Integra-M which has a 2-layer distribution plate built from clear acrylic. Spectre Integra-M Dark has a clear acrylic cover and motherboard tray, the main distribution plate layer is grey tinted acrylic, the rear distribution plate layer is clear acrylic, and the rear cover is satin black acrylic. The reservoir volume is much larger allowing for easier filling and bleeding, and increased flow.

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