Introducing Wraith 3.0 and Wraith 3.0 Dark

Wraith 3.0 is a compact case capable of housing a high-end water cooled system. It fits ITX and DTX motherboards, SFX-L PSUs, and the largest GPUs. It can fit 2x 240mm radiators 30mm thick. The case is specifically designed for water-cooling with the distribution plate integrating many water-cooling components. Wraith 3.0 has a full redesign of the distribution plate with the addition of a PowerBoard. The case back plate is split in half with the PowerBoard on one side and the distribution plate on the other. The distribution plate integrates a reservoir, D5 pump top, D5 pump cover, fill and drain ports, and parts of the cooling loop. The PowerBoard integrates the 24pin, EPS, PWM, ARGB and has its own integrated ARGB lights to light up the reservoir area and the entire acrylic back plate.

Wraith 3.0 Dark
Wraith 3.0 Dark has a space theme with aesthetics inspired by fighter jets and spacecraft. The Wraith 3.0 Standard Distribution Plate has two clear layers. The Wraith 3.0 Dark Distribution Plate has a clear layer a grey tinted layer and a third black satin layer on the back. The grey tinted layer and satin black cover layer cover up most of the view into the case from the back which is good for hiding the cable routing areas, also the drive mounting area is partially covered. Each case is individually numbered.

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