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Corsair 1000D Dual D5 Distribution Plate

Vertical Distribution Plate for the Corsair Obsidian 1000D. It attaches to existing holes on the case so there is no need for modifications. This is a dual loop distribution plate with two integrated reservoirs and D5 pump tops. It fits on the right of the motherboard and the CPU loop return extends across the top of the motherboard. The distribution plate is built from CNC machined clear cast acrylic and uses gaskets instead of O-Rings, for increased durability. It is hand assembled with stainless steel fasteners. There is an integrated ARGB LED strip with an Accent Cover. There is also a Back Plate included to cover the rear side of the Distribution Plate, so that you can’t see the case panels behind it. Choose from various color options for the Accent Cover and Back Plate to suit your preferences.



Black Gloss
Black Satin
Carbon Mirror
Gold Mirror
Silver Mirror
White Gloss
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Specifications & Included Items:
Corsair 1000D Dual D5 Distribution Plate.
Integrated LED Strip: ARGB 5V with 50cm cable.
Fasteners: Stainless Steel. M4 x 25mm x4. M4 Nuts x4.
Gaskets: Silicone Black.
Materials: Cast Acrylic.
Manufacturing Process: CNC Router.
Assembly: Assembled by hand and pressure tested.

Install onto the mid plate of the Cosrair 1000D. Align with existing mounting holes on the case and use the included M4 x 12mm Fasteners to attach the Distribution Plate.

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