Protium 3.0 Reservoir Coupler

The Protium 3.0 Reservoir Coupler is for combining multiple Protium Reservoirs. It is compatible with any Protium Reservoir, D5/Reservoir Combination or Reservoir Tube. We had many requests for long reservoir tubes beyond the longest size we provide, which is 250mm. This product is for larger cases where large reservoir volume is desired, also to fill the space in larger cases for aesthetic reasons. It also prevents a vortex from forming inside of the reservoir and acts as an aesthetic component.


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Specifications & Included Items:
Protium 3.0 Reservoir Coupler. 3D Printed SLA Resin Matte Black.
O-Rings: Silicone 70 Durometer White x3 (D5 x1. Reservoir x2). Nitrile 50 Durometer Black G1/4” x2.
Weight: 0.05kg.
Dimensions: Diameter 70mm x Height 25mm.
Packaged Weight: 0.06kg.
Packaged Dimensions: H 100mm x W 60mm x H 25mm.

Compatible with any version of the Protium Reservoir, Protium 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0. Joins two Protium Reservoirs together.

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