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For almost 20 years Singularity Computers have been working on perfecting water-cooling. All our experience and ideas are collectively in our designs and our focus has been particularly on cases. We set out to create the perfect case for high-end water-cooling. With our hands on approach, constant testing, and product development we are always advancing.

Protium 3.0

The aim behind Protium was to develop the most adaptable pump-reservoir combination available. We were pioneers in introducing a standardized mounting system for connecting it to radiators. Protium offers a generous number of inlet and outlet ports, providing a wide range of choices for customizing your liquid cooling loop. It comes equipped with two ARGB lighting elements from integrated custom PCBs, and there's also the possibility to incorporate a third one.


Our mounting system stands out as the most adaptable in the market. It includes a Universal backplate that can be attached to 120mm or 140mm wide radiators or fan mounting positions. It offers horizontal adjustments in 10mm increments and supports 360-degree mounting. For even greater flexibility, our Universal Mounting Rails provide vertical adjustments in 15mm increments.


The Protium 3.0 ARGB 150 D5 Reservoir Combo is equipped with two outlet ports and five inlet ports, offering an extensive array of loop routing possibilities. With this configuration, you'll consistently have a port precisely where you require it. In cases where adjustments are needed, our versatile mounting system can accommodate those changes. This setup supports numerous options for both series and parallel routing, and it even provides the flexibility to connect the return inlet to either the top of the reservoir or the pump top.



    Ethereal Reservoir mounts provide an additional mounting choice for Protium 3.0. Our Ethereal Single mount is ideal for scenarios where a lengthy reservoir tube requires extra support. On the other hand, Ethereal Dual is designed for mounting two reservoirs or pump-reservoir combinations in close proximity on a radiator, making it perfect for dual-loop configurations.


    Protium 3.0 offers the flexibility of purchasing it as a complete pump reservoir combination, or alternatively, you can choose to buy individual components separately. Additionally, we offer various add-ons to enhance aesthetics and lighting. You can also select from four different reservoir tube sizes, including 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 250mm, to suit your specific needs.


    The components of Protium 3.0 are precision CNC machined from solid blocks of material. The extensive range of features in Protium 3.0 necessitates the use of extra material and intricate machining, resulting in a high level of production effort. Our choice of materials is of the utmost quality, including 6061 aluminium, cast acrylic, acetal, and stainless steel. Moreover, we take pride in designing custom PCBs for our lighting systems, highlighting our commitment to excellence.

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