Introducing Caselabs SMA8 Dual Loop Distribution Plate Set

Horizontal and Vertical Distribution Plate Set for any version of the Caselabs SMA8. This is a dual loop distribution plate set. The Vertical Distribution Plate mounts to the right of the motherboard and has two integrated reservoirs and D5 pump tops. The Horizontal Distribution Plate mounts below the motherboard on the mid plate and is for the GPU loop and lower radiators. The distribution plates are built from CNC machined clear cast acrylic and uses gaskets instead of O-Rings for increased durability. They are hand assembled with stainless steel fasteners. There are two integrated ARGB LED strips with Accent Covers. There are also Back Plates included to cover the rear side of the Distribution Plates, so that you can’t see the case panels behind them. Select from the different color options below for the Accent Covers and Back Plates.

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