Stream-S ITX Case Manual Now Available

An early version of the Stream-S ITX Case Manual is now available here: MANUAL
Within a few days we will update it with more information about the PowerBoard.

3 thoughts on “Stream-S ITX Case Manual Now Available

  1. jim says:

    Hi Singularity Team,

    I was just watching Jay2Cents youtube video today showcasing this early version of the Stream-S ITX Case and I am very excited to see what it can do when it is released. I had two questions since I am a huge fan of mini-ITX cases such as O11D Mini-X or CoolerMaster NR200P.

    1. Looking at the early version of the manual for this case, will the PowerBoard that comes with this case, be sold separately by Singularity Computers? (i.e. if it can be purchased separately to install in other mini-ITX cases).

    2. Will the above mentioned Powerboard if sold separately be compatible with cases like O11D Mini-X or CoolerMaster NR200P?

    I also noticed that Jay commented that the only PSU compatible in his video is the ROG LOKI SFX-L 1000w or 750w. Does that apply to the case itself or the powerboard? (i.e could the powerboard be used with any other brand of SFX PSU?)

    Cheers. Regards Jim

    1. scv2 says:

      Hey Jim.

      Great to hear!
      1. We dont plan on officially selling the PowerBoard separately (listing it on our store) but if customers request it we can sell it to them.
      2. Theoretically yes but the dimensions are quite specific so it is possible that connector locations wouldn’t align with where they are supposed to. We would need to test it in these cases to confirm it is definitely compatible.
      Correct the PowerBoard is only compatible with the ROG Loki series. We selected this PSU series for the following reasons. All of the connector locations are the same on 3 versions of the PSU, 750W, 850W, and 1000W. This is a nice PSU range for the types of systems which will be built into Stream-S. Also because it is a tier 1 PSU when it comes to quality, we didn’t want to use something entry level or midrange.
      For now this is the only compatible PSU but we were thinking of launching other versions of the PowerBoard which are compatible with other PSUs.
      Stream-S is available now, you can find it here: https://singularitycomputers.com/product/stream-s-itx-case/
      Thanks very much.

      1. JIm says:

        Thank you for responding so quickly. It’s a beautiful case, and the quality is amazing from what I can see in the pictures even if it is noticeably expensive at $930AUD. It would be quite a massive investment on my part, so it’s not something I can decide on the spot at this moment but thank you for your time answering my questions.

        Cheers. Regards Jim.

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