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Spectre 3.0 Ardus Limited-Edition has a unique distribution plate with 4 layers, a front clear layer, then a black layer, then a grey tinted layer and then a black frosted layer on the back. The original theme idea for Ardus was inspired by the spacecraft from the 2021 Dune film. It is also inspired by fighter aircraft such as the F22, F35 and others. The frosted black layer on the back of the distribution plate is divided into four separate pieces which can be removed to be modified. These sections can be laser etched, painted, and we will be releasing different colored sets. The case can be used without the black frosted rear layer, and then it becomes a unique dark version of Spectre 3.0. The distribution plate has twice the reservoir volume of the stock Spectre 3.0. There is a glowing logo on the back of the distribution plate with the limited-edition number. The PSU Side shroud has a new design with a glowing logo and more detailed machining. The PSU Front Shroud also has a more detailed design, and it glows from an integrated ARGB LED strip. The case has an updated motherboard tray with less detail and cutouts because this detail has been replaced by the PowerBoard which is a special version with aesthetics to match the case. All the metal panels are custom painted in a special custom graphite (dark silver) metallic with a matte clear coat. The cases are painted personally by Daniel Cannon (Owner Director of Singularity Computers), using DNA Paints.



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