Multi-Node ARGB+Fan

A custom designed Singularity Computers hub with high quality components and a dual layer PCB. The PCB and connectors are black with white logos and labelling. It has a PWM input which is split into 6 outputs. Only one of the outputs labelled Fan-1-RPM displays RPM so there are no RPM conflicts from the other PWM connections. It also has an ARGB input and 3 outputs. This hub draws power from the PWM and ARGB inputs, so it does not require any extra power connections. It comes with a PWM and an ARGB cable to connect the hub to your motherboard or other compatible device.



Specifications & Included Items:
SC Multihub V6+3. Black Dual Layer PCB.
Inputs: PWM x1. ARGB x1.
Outputs: PWM x6. ARGB x3.
Cables: Black: PWM 500mm. ARGB. 500mm.
PCB Dimensions: L50mm x W30mm x H15mm.
Packaged Dimensions & Weight: L150mm x W100mm x H20mm. 0.04kg.

Connect the PWM and/or ARGB inputs to your motherboard or another compatible device using the included cables. Connect your fans and lights to the outputs.