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We would like to make a brief statement regarding the recent changes on our website. At Singularity Computers we have been focusing increasingly on product development in recent years. We have been building up to a critical point more recently where we would like to take this focus a step further. We are shifting all of our resources towards our own brand which means that our store will be exclusively for Singularity Computers Products. This will further increase our ability to achieve our goals, increase development of new products and improve the customer experience. Singularity Computers is still fully willing to partner with other companies and has a number of important partnerships. These partnerships will increase in importance now that we are narrowing our focus. If anyone sees this as an opportunity, please contact us to discuss. We are looking for high quality and reliable services to take over in some of the areas we are reducing such as Custom Cable Building. More developments to come, we will keep you updated.


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