PowerBoard ATX/E-ATX Universal

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The PowerBoard Universal is the first PowerBoard which was not designed specifically for one case, instead it is designed to fit as many ATX and EATX cases as possible. The PowerBoard Universal has the 24pin integrated and it has 4x 8pin EPS connections in different locations for different motherboard layouts. It has a 6pin PCIE extra power connection for motherboards which require it. It has 3x 8pin PCIE connections and a 12VHPWR connection. The EPS can be used as 4pin or 8pin and the PCIE can be used as 6pin or 8pin with different cables. It has an inbuilt PWM hub with x8 output connections and an ARGB hub with x5 output connections. It also has x2 direct mount SATA 2.5” connections and 4 ARGB LEDs built in to light up the rear laser etched acrylic cover.

Note: We have a compatibility list (Here) for the PowerBoard Universal. These are only the cases we have looked at or tested so far. Please contact us below with your requests for case compatibility and we can check and get back to you.

The following cables are included with the product: 24pin x1, 8pin EPS x2. You can select either 12VHPWR or 8pin PCIE x3 below.
If other cables are required they are available
Optional PowerBoard PSU Cable Kit is available
For motherboards with 90 degree connectors adaptors are available


To connect from the PowerBoard to the GPU
The default cables provided are 8pin PCIE x3

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Singularity Computers PowerBoard:
Introducing the Singularity Computers PowerBoard (US Patent Pending #547249821) a completely new take on computer cables and cable management. The idea first came about during the development of our first case Spectre 1.0. We were looking for a far more advanced method of integrating cables and cable management. The PowerBoard is essentially a distribution plate for cables. It integrates and routes the 24pin, EPS and PCIE cables very close to the components so that standardized short cables can be used. This means that cable management is no longer necessary. It integrates ARGB and PWM hubs and on some PowerBoards SATA. The PowerBoard also has integrated ARGB LEDs placed to light up the PowerBoard and/or surrounding components.
The purpose of the PowerBoard is to eliminate the need for cable management, to integrate components into a single clean unit reducing clutter, to create something different which will contribute to a unique build!

PowerBoard ATX/E-ATX Universal
Cables: PowerBoard Linking Cables: 18AWG wire black sleeved: 24pin x1. 8pin EPS x2. 8pin PCIE x3. PWM Fan Extension Cable Black Sleeved 50cm. RGB Extension Cable Black 50cm.
Electronics Integration:
Inputs: 24pin x1. 8pin EPS x2. 8pin PCIE x3. PWM x1. ARGB x1. SATA x2.
Outputs: 24pin x1. 8pin EPS x4. 8pin PCIE x3. 12VHPWR x1. SATA Direct Mount x2. PWM x8. ARGB x5. ARGB built in LEDs x4 and on/off switch. Power and Reset Buttons.
Product Dimensions: H: 395mm x W: 391.5mm x Thickness: 25mm.
Product Weight: 1kg.
Packaged Dimensions: W: 395mm x L: 430mm x H: 50mm.
Packaged Weight: 1kg.
Fasteners: Stainless steel.
Manufacturing Process: PCB. Laser.
Materials: PCB. Clear Cast Acrylic.

Form Factor: ATX and E-ATX.
Full compatibility list: (Here)
These are only the cases we have looked at or tested so far. Please contact us below with your requests for case compatibility and we can check and get back to you.

Replace the existing motherboard tray stand offs on your case with the ones included with the PowerBoard. Then mount the female to female stand offs onto the threads which are exposed on the back of the motherboard tray. Then attach the PowerBoard to the stand offs.

Experience Singularity:
We create the products we want in our builds based on our 15 years of experience building high end computers. All our designs begin with function, versatility is vital to increase the possibilities so that you can create the build you want to, something unique. Our products are premium, we do not hold back on quality to save cost. All our products use the most high-end available materials and manufacturing processes. Our vision is to continue to introduce unique and exciting ideas, to inspire and lead the industry.

If you have a question about case compatibility contact us below and we will get back to you.